Kansas Company Builds Life Saving Device – Uses Renewable Energy

Posted on October 5, 2013


Midtech Energy Solutions of Hutchinson Kansas has built a life saving device that uses green energy. Their MEPS [Mobile Emergency Power Station] uses wind and solar technologies to solve a common problem among individuals that live their life on machines that require constant electricity. Thousands of individuals require special equipment to continue life day to day. When there is a power failure these individuals risk the chance of death from equipment failure. Midtech Energy has found a solution that requires only green energy to combat this problem. They have designed and built a mobile power station that uses wind and solar that stores power into a battery bank reserve. The stored energy can be used in times of power failures by these individuals to continue the operation of these life saving devices. These units can be attached to an automatic switch that can automatically switch the power from a wall socket to their machine. This results in no power loss to their devices.

Doug Myers Owner/Founder of Midtech Energy Solutions says “These mobile units serve several purposes they were originally built to aid in natural disasters so first responders would have access to power to help in search and rescue efforts. After it was completed we realized we had built something that could aid in many areas and the best part is it doesn’t require fuel to operate and is virtually noise free.” The MEPS units produce up to 3 kw of power continously. There is also a 5 kw version. These units start at $9999. For more info on the Meps units you can call Midtech Energy at 620 474 3961.


Midtech Wind and Solar Being Eyed by Major Universities

Posted on October 8, 2013

A Kansas alternative energy company Midtech Energy Solutions who has adopted the name Midtech Wind and Solar has grabbed the attention of some of the countries top universities with their latest release of their mobile power station. The power station called MEPS [mobile emergency power station] is a mobile generator powered by renewable energy. It uses wind and solar technologies to produce power and is completely mobile to be moved from different locations. The unit was originally designed for the aid in natural disasters. With its ability to constantly produce power and virtually noise free was perfect in the aid of search and rescue efforts by first responders locating victims of natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, etc. Once built the company quickly realized the many uses that this unit could offer and was recognized by some of the top personnel in the industry. This caught the eye of some major universities development programs. This is a great step forward in the renewable energy field.
 The company has expanded into 3 divisions with corporate being located in Hutchinson Kansas and can be contacted at 620 474 3961. There is an eastern division operated by Christopher Jordan and can be contacted at (401) 256-1620 and third is the Hawaiian Islands Division operated by Sam Kapoi and can be contacted at (808) 479-8231